Jocelyn Paine

Tom Needham and Jocelyn Paine,
by Kyle Green

I was fortunate to be raised in New York City by a mother who encouraged me to visit a different museum each Saturday–and New York has many! I would often spend a long time studying a painting or sculpture, and I still believe that looking analytically at the work of skilled artists is the best way to learn. I find that soft pastels, the pure pigment of chalk, allow a blaring intensity of color. Pastels remain my favorite medium after 30 years in art, although I have explored several forms, from making Japanese paper for molded sculpture to acrylics to watercolors.

For pastels, the work of the Impressionist Edgar Degas, master pastellist, remains an inspiration to me. Degas created his rich textures by layering fields of color. I learned something of this in my study of pastel techniques with Frank Covino, who teaches, even in chalk, how to under paint in “Old Masters” grey tones for correct light/dark values. Using this approach to portraiture beings a vibrancy to skin tones, and the effect of a complimentary undercoat gives depth to faux finishes on wall surfaces in my interior decorating work.

My studio is in Anchorage, Alaska, where there are mountain and wilderness views everywhere, extremes of clear, beautiful light. Nature is an unending source of subject for my work. I also enjoy challenging myself with “assignments.” My watercolor series to illustrate the exotic vegetables available from our Community Supported Agriculture farm helps new subscribers to identify what is in their weekly order and brought me back to the joys of working in that medium. Currently, I‘m working on a series that will capture the delicate light at dusk, pre-dawn, and night, over the scope of Alaska‘s sharply defined seasons. Several of these series have been printed as greeting card sets, and are available through this website.

I am an Argentine tango dancer and have visited Buenos Aires several times. The colors of the South American sun, the difference of culture, the flow and passion of the dance, have been a stimulating resource and led to a whole series of pictures. During another trip overseas, to Amsterdam, I went to the Vincent Van Gogh museum. That talented and fierce artist wrote: “I only feel alive when I‘m painting.” Though I strive for balance in my life, I must admit that painting and dancing give me the times when I feel most alive. I am glad to have found two passions in which I can express myself.


“Full Member” of the Alaska Artist Guild.
Represented by blue.holloman gallery.