If you want to give your interiors a facelift without losing the look of your own personality, and do it without busting your budget, then Concierge Decorating is for you. We specialize in refreshing interiors without the expense of a full scale remodel. I am an artist trained in color theory, and I strive to choose paints and furnishings that will reflect your—sometimes unknown—intentions. Want warm, meditative? Or vibrant and energizing? Sophisticated, elegant color combinations or cozy and casual? I’ll find the right tweaks that will work for your new look. My partner in Concierge Decorating is Dan, a highly skilled carpenter, whose abilities extend over many trades, so if you need new flooring, painting, plumbing, etc., he’s the all-around handyman!

After we discover your color palette, I'll go shopping in town or online for replacement curtains, towels, accessories, or even appliances if they’re on your list. Clients may want a whole-house refresh; others have a few rooms, such as a kitchen or bathroom, in need of updating. Sometimes adding touches of colors in a tea kettle, a ceiling light or an accent wall makes the scheme “pop” and ties together rooms for visual flow. I relish finding the simplest ways to achieve an effect, using, perhaps in different settings, your own paintings, china, or furnishings, but always advising when the existing items or materials don’t make the grade or fail to complete the whole effect.

Realize your inner designer: Concierge Decorating

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